Brainpop Jr: Colors

Discovery Education: Nature's Way - Discovering Natural Colors

Discovery Education: Colors, Colors All Around! (song with video)

Discovery Education: Songs for a Great Day - Primary Colors

Discovery Education: Songs for a Great Day - Blending Colors

Between the Lions: Spicy Hot Colors

WatchKnow: The Story of Jack and the Green Sock (blending colors)

Discovery Education: Ready, Set, Learn With Paz - Am I Blue? (colors associated with feelings)

Discovery Education: Animal Colors and Shapes

Discovery Education: Hailstones and Halibut Bones

Discovery Education: The Magic School Bus - Makes A Rainbow

WatchKnow: Jump If You See Colors

WatchKnow: Colors Song by Hi5

WatchKnow: Colors

WatchKnow: Colors 2

WatchKnow: Colors

WatchKnow: Every Day Colors Song (Hooked on Phonics)

WatchKnow: Paint Color Song (We Are Busy Beavers)

WatchKnow: Colors for Kids

More Starfall: A Rainbow

YouTube: Harry Kindergarten's Colors! Colors!

Post It Science: Rapid Naming of Colors

KinderWeb: Which Color Is It?

Color Words

WatchKnow: Children's Spelling Unit Six - Colors

Live and Learn Game

Between the Lions "The Little Red Hen"

Discovery Education: Red Riding Hood

WatchKnow: Little Red Writing Hood

Discovery Education: The Little Red Hen

WatchKnow: Red Color Song

WatchKnow: Things That Are Red

More Starfall: Red

YouTube: Frog Street Press Red Song

YouTube: Little Red Riding Hood


WatchKnow: PInk Color Song

WatchKnow: Things That Are Pink

Barnes and Noble Online Storytime: Pinkalicious

YouTube: The Paint Is Pink

YouTube: Frog Street Press Pink Song


WatchKnow: Orange Color Song

WatchKnow: Things That Are Orange

More Starfall: Orange

YouTube: Frog Street Press Orange Song

YouTube: Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

WatchKnow: Yellow Color Song

WatchKnow: Things That Are Yellow

Education City: Twinkle, Twinkle

Education City: Wheels on the Bus

More Starfall: Yellow

YouTube: Frog Street Press Yellow Song


WatchKnow: Green Color Song

WatchKnow: Things That Are Green

Barnes and Noble Online Storytime: Green Eggs and Ham

More Starfall: Green

YouTube: Frog Street Press Green Song

WatchKnow: Blue Color Song

WatchKnow: Things That Are Blue

Between the Lions: Ruby Sings the Blues

Between the Lions: Yesterday I Had The Blues

More Starfall: Blue

YouTube: Frog Street Press Blue Song

YouTube: Little Boy Blue

YOuTube: Little Boy Blue


Discovery Education: Harold and the Purple Crayon

WatchKnow: Things That Are Purple

Mighty Book: The Purple Song

More Starfall: Purple

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "The Purple Coat"

YouTube: Frog Street Press Purple Song


WatchKnow: Things That Are Brown

More Starfall: Brown

YouTube: Frog Street Press Brown Song


WatchKnow: Black Color Song

More Starfall: Black

YouTube: Frog Street Press Black Song

You Tube: Miss Mary Mack


WatchKnow: White Color Song

Education City: Humpty Dumpty

More Starfall: White

YouTube: Frog Street Press White Song

YouTube: Learn About the Color White with Ned and Nellie

YouTube: Humpty Dumpty

WatchKnow: Gray Whales Migration Song

WatchKnow: Gray Catbird Videos

YouTube: Gray Flay

YouTube: Donkey, Donkey Old and Gray