Letter Aa

Enchanted Learning: The Lady with the Alligator Purse (song lyrics)

WatchKnow: There's An Alligator Under My Bed

Barnes and Noble Online Storytime: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Astro: The Steller Sea Lion

Brainpop Jr: Long A

More Starfall: Jake's Tale

More Starfall: The Short A Song

Medial A

Between the Lions "Get Your Mouth Moving" (medial short a)

More Starfall: Short A Machine

More Starfall: Zac the Rat

More Starfall: Zac and Cat

More Starfall: Zac and the Hat

More Starfall: Tam and Matt

More Starfall: Nan In An Ad

More Starfall: Pam and Tad Cat

Letter Bb

Between the Lions: Beetle Bop

Between the Lions: Bee-Bim Bop!

National Geographic: Hanging Out With Bats

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Blackberry Banquet

Literactive: Fishing Bowl

Education City: Row Your Boat

Sesame Street: Baby B

Sesame Street: Bball Bat Baseball

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "Berlioz the Bear"

You Tube: We're Going On A Bear Hunt

Letter Cc

WatchKnow's To the Garden

Alli's Magic Carpet Story

Between the Lions: Two Sounds Made By C

Between the Lions: City Country Rap

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "Duncan and Dolores"

You Tube: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

ch Diagraph

Between the Lion's "We Choose to Cha Cha Cha"

Between the Lions: The Problem With Chickens

Between the Lions: Cheesybreadville

Brainpop Jr: ch

More Starfall: ch

WatchKnowLearn: Between The Lion's "Goodbye Chick"

Thinkfinity's The Electric Company: ch

Letter Dd

Dinosaurs Lesson Plan for Teachers

Scholastic's "Build a Dinosaur"

Discovery Education: Angus and the Ducks

Between the Lions: How To Be A Good Dog

Between the Lions "Not Afraid of Dogs"

Discovery Education: Danny and the Dinosaur

Discovery Education: How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

Barnes and Noble Online Storytime: Charlie the Ranch Dog

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Champ's Story: Dogs Get Cancer Too!

Literactive: Fishing Bowl

Letter Ee

Between the Lions "Elephants Can Paint Too!"

National Geographic's Information about African Elephant

National Geographic's Goofy Baby Elephant

National Geograhic's Elephants Playing in Water

National Geographic Kid's Creature Feature: African Elephants

Between the Lions "An Egg is Quiet"

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "Rechenka's Eggs"

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "Chickens Aren't The Only Ones"

Brainpop Jr: Silent E

More Starfall: Pete's Sheep

More Starfall: The Short E Song

Medial E

Discovery Education: Baby Bentley Bee - Short E and Long E

Between the Lions: Double E, EE

More Starfall: Short E Machine

More Starfall: Peg the Hen

More Starfall: Peg Helps Zac

More Starfall: Peg's Egg

More Starfall: Hen

Letter Ff

Fireflies: Silly Story

Freda: Silly Story

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Fur and Feathers

Letter Gg

Between the Lions: Priceless Gifts

Between the Lions: Two Sounds Made by G

Sylvan Dell Publishing: The Giraffe Who Was Afraid of Heights

More Starfall: It's Grandparents Day

Letter Hh

Between the Lions: Owen and Mzee

Discovery Education: Hot Hippo

Between the Lions: I'm Hung Up on H

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Henry the Impatient Heron

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "The Lady with the Ship on Her Head"

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "A Three Hat Day"

Letter Ii

Sesame Street: You've Got The Letter I

Sesame Street: Marching Band Letter I

Between the Lions: What Instrument Does Alvin Play?

How To Build An Igloo

More Starfall: The Short I Song

More Starfall: Sky Ride

Medial I

Discovery Education: Iggy Pig's Lid - Short I and Long I

More Starfall: Short I Machine

More Starfall: The Big Hit

More Starfall: Tin Man Sits

More Starfall: Fix the Jet

More Starfall: Fish and Me

More Starfall: Zig Zag

Letter Jj

Between the Lions: Joseph Had A Little Overcoat

National Geographic's "Stunning Jellyfish"

"Faithful John" (story)

Discovery Education: Making Jelly Beans

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "Stay Away from the Junkyard!"

Letter Kk

Discovery Education: Joey Runs Away

National Geographic: Where's Andrew? My First Few Kanagroo

National Geographic: Dingo v. Kangaroo

Education City: Klara's Kettle

Letter Ll

Between the Lions: The Lion and the Mouse

"The Leaping Match" (story and games)

Discovery Education: The Happy Lion

Barnes and Noble Online Storytime: Ladybug Girl at the Beach

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Loon Chase

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "Ludlow Laughs"

Letter Mm

Between the Lions: Mole and Baby Bird

"Brementown Musicians" (story)

Sylvan Dell Publishing: A Day on the Mountain

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Moose and Magpie

Letter Nn

WatchKnow: The Napping House

Sylvan Dell Publishing: The Best Nest

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Newton and Me

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "The Furry News"

You Tube: The Best Nest by P.D. Eastman

Letter Oo

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Octavia and Her Purple Ink Cloud

National Zoo's Otter Cam

National Geographic's Ostrich Information

Wikipedia Oxen Pictures and Links

Between The Lion's Hopposites

WatchKnow: Opposites or Antonyms

WatchKnow: Children's Opposites

WatchKnow: Extreme Animals - Giant Octopus

Barnes and Noble Online Storytime: Olivia

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Baby Owl's Rescue

More Starfall: The Short O Song

More Starfall: The Robot and Mr. Mole

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "Owen"

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "Ox-Cart Man"

Medial O

Discovery Education: Ozzie and the O! Eaters - Short O and Long O

Between the Lions "Sloppy Pop" (medial o)

Between the Lions: Double O, OO

More Starfall: Short O Machine

More Starfall: Mox's Shop

More Starfall: Mox Jogs

More Starfall: Pop, Pop, Pop!

More Starfall: Hop, Bend, Stomp!

More Starfall: Peg and the Box

Letter Pp

Live Penguin Cam

Between the Lions: Pigs In Hiding

Between the Lions: Stop That Pickle!

Sesame Street: P - PIzza

Tikabilla's Princess Long Ago (story)

"The Real Princess" (story and games)

National Zoo's Panda Cam

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Felina's New Home

Sylvan Dell Publishing: If You Were A Parrot

Between the Lions: It's A p-h

Literactive: Fishing Bowl

Education City: Puzzle Plates

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "Little Nino's Pizzeria"

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "Perfect the Pig"

Letter Qq

Discovery Education: Victorian "Crazy" Quilt

Between the Lions: Q Without U

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "The Patchwork Quilt"

Letter Rr

Between the Lions: Rocket Doodle Doo

Between the Lions: The a-r Song

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Julie the Rockhound

Sylvan Dell Publishing: River Beds: Sleeping in the World's Rivers

We Give Books: The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Letter Ss

Between the Lions: Stone Soup

Between the Lions: Without An S

The Sun and The Wind (story)

Barnes and Noble Online Storytime: Splish, Splash, Splat!

Barnes and Noble Online Storytime: Strega Nona

Sylvan Dell Publishing: The Animals Are Sleeping

Education City: A Sailor Went to Sea

sh Diagraph

More Starfall: sh

Between the Lion's Shush

Thinkfinity's The Electric Company - "sh"

WatchKnowLearn: Hooked On Phonics - Words That Begin with "ch" and "sh"

Literactive: Save the Whales Game

Literactive: Word Castle Game

Literactive: Crab Catcher Game

Soft Schools Game (IWB

Letter Tt

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Carolina's Story

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Little Skink's Tail

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Tudley Didn't Know

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Turtle Summer

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Turtles In My Sandbox

Sylvan Dell Publishing: Where Should Turtle Be?

Education City: Tea Party

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "The Bionic Bunny Show"

th Digraph

Starfall: th-

Thinkfinity's The Electric Company - "th"

WatchKnowLearn: "th" videos

Letter Uu

David Gallo on Life in the Deep Oceans

Palau Underwater (scubadiver's home video)

Underwater Galapagos Video

Discovery Education: Uriah Useless - Short U and Long U

The Ugly Duckling

Discovery Education: The Ugly Duckling

Discovery Education: Umbrellas from Bosang

Tracy's Umbrella Adventure

More Starfall: The Short U Song

More Starfall: Dune Buggy

Medial U

More Starfall: Short U Machine

More Starfall: Gus the Duck

More Starfall: Bug in a Jug

More Starfall: Get Up Cub

More Starfall: Gus and His Dog

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "The Piggy in the Puddle"

Letter Vv

National Geographic's Volcanos 101

Deep Ocean Eruption

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "Hill of Fire"

Discovery Education: The Magic School Bus - Blows Its Top

Letter Ww

Between the Lions: W Trouble

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "Humphrey the Lost Whale"

Barnes and Noble Online Storytime: Where the Wild Things Are

Sylvan Dell Publishing: One Wolf Howls

wh Diagraph

More Starfall: wh

Letter Xx

Taking an X-Ray

Letter Yy

Between the Lions: Yo! Yes!

A Kid's History of the Yo-Yo

Discovery Education: The Number Crew - It's YoYo Time

Letter Zz

National Geographic: Zebras Are Born To Run

Discovery Education: Reading Rainbow's "Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin"